ONIA - the Lamp That Also Acts as Your Mood Companion and Therapist

A dual layered lamp that offers 14 individual stress relieving chromotherapy colors, each with its own unique emotion targeting capabilities. Get the right relaxation before going to sleep.

Stress can adversely affect everyone’s emotional and intellectual well-being. Although there are many way of relieving stress, not all of them can be the right approach for everyone as well. Everyone approaches dealing with stress in different ways. From exercising to meditating, it’s important that people deal with stress in a healthy and effective manner.

An alternative method to relieving stress, chromotherapy has been around since the 10th century as a means of explaining temperature and physical conditions of the body. This later evolved into what modern practitioners call chromotherapy (or color therapy). The use of colors can be used to balance “energy” lacking in a person’s body, whether it’s physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental. The most basic color, red and green, are used to promote relaxation and energy respectively. With fun names like Creative Turquois or Discerning Gold, ONIA comes with a name and description of each color that is available.

ONIA’s dual layered lamp provides a top and bottom customizable lamp that can be controlled through a smartphone’s Bluetooth connection. The top portion offers colors that are necessary the conscious mind based on social and emotional analysis checklist results while the bottom aims at the subconscious based on biorhythmic analysis results. The colors can be set manually, or automatically based on social media posts, biorhythm, and emotional checklist analysis of the day. Shake the smartphone to switch up the colors or express emotions verbally with phrases like “cheer up” and watch the lamp change colors. Up to 7 ONIAs can be controlled with just one smartphone (Android of iPhone) and a built-in timer can be set to help owners comfortably fall into a deeper sleep..

Light has a profound effect on the human brain. This is because 70-80% of all external stimuli processed by humans are visual. Use ONIA after a long day to relieve that day’s stress and get the proper sleep everyone deserves.

ONIA is already an award winning concept and certified for quality control and environmental management.

Check out their Indiegogo campaign currently being run here.

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