AntiBac Provides 100% Safe and Effective Sterilization for Smart Phones and Other Portable Devices

AntiBac Charger is the first anti-bacterial cell phone charger that allows simultaneous use while charging and is 100% safe for use

A cell phone contains 18x more bacteria than a public restroom toilet. A bold statement to make, but a proven and verified one. Many have heard that their smartphones contain a lot of germs, but do not realize how potentially dangerous this may be. In recent years, flu outbreaks and disease spreading can be partially attributed to the use of smartphones. It is not uncommon to find well known bacteria like salmonella, e. coli, staphylococcus on mobile devices. While most healthy adults can withstand daily exposure to these sorts of bacteria/viruses, younger children or those with weak immune systems are easily susceptible to infection. Especially with the increased use of smartphones by children, this is something that should concern people.

Because of this, many companies have developed sterilizers for mobile devices. However, these devices are bulky and require the device to be partially or completed encased while sterilizing due to the harmful effects from overexposure to UV lights. This also prevents use of devices while being sterilized.

AntiBac Charger was created to provide a convenient and safer alternative to other devices. Any existing micro-USB or Apple lightning cable can be plugged into the device, which then plugs directly into any mobile phone or portable device for instant sterilization and charging. Full sterilization takes about 3 hours, which is perfect for when sleeping or in the office and is 100% harmless to humans. The device emits a combination UV+infrared light onto the surface of devices to provide safe sterilization. Because the rays are completely harmless, people can use their devices while sterilizing for optimal convenience.

An optional stand allows the AntiBac to sit above other items to sterilize as well. Earphones, laptops, jewelry can all be sterilized by using the stand to emit light down onto personal belongings.

The device comes in either black or white for either Android or Apple devices and will be available an Indiegogo campaign in early March.

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