Amplify the Living Room With Windamp's Valley Wind Technology Powered Bladeless Fan

Feel the natural breeze with Windamp's 4 synchronous propellers working to create a powerful single breeze to cool the home or office. Windamp consumes half the amount of energy of traditional blade fans and is completely safe for children.

Traditional household mechanical fans have been around for centuries yet largely gone unchanged since. Simple blades that spin in unison to create wind which in turn cool the home or office. Although effective, bladed fans collect a lot of dust and require a lot of electricity to operate. Also, bladed fans are not particularly aesthetically appealing.

In response to current trends, Windamp has developed an environmental-friendly energy efficient fan that emits less carbon dioxide compared to traditional fans – 13.0517 tons vs. 25.4772 tons, respectively. Windamp operates with the motto, “Where less electricity meets cool natural breeze.” Using “Valley Wind Technology”, Windamp replicates natural breezes in strength and decibels. The reduced amount of electricity needed is both sustainable and economical, because conserving energy is never a negative thing. With Windamp, users can enjoy the same the natural breeze of the outdoors, all while being indoors and at half the cost of using a traditional fan.

Windamp utilizes four-propeller fans that work in unison to generate a stronger single stream. These propellers are concealed within the outer casing of the fan. Bladed fans pose a potential danger to young children or pets due to their exposed moving parts. A child could easily put their hand into the fan while it’s spinning. Windamp’s concealed propellers is family friendly and decreases the rate of potential accidents. The fan also has other features; the fan can tilt in multiple degrees from 0° to 30°. It also has an 8-hour timer and 8 wind levels.

With already a good amount of momentum and press, Windamp has officially launched their Indiegogo campaign allowing users to get a first look at the fan at a lower cost than retail.


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