Smart Module: The Module System to Create & Customize Any Smart Device

Smart Module

Smart Module is the LEGO block-like module system that allows users to build and customize smart devices. Initially, Smart Module will provide the necessary modules and cases to create a smart phone, smart note (tablet) and notebook. However, the applications for Smart Module are endless as changing the internal software of modules can upgrade their specs or even change their function entirely. 

The basic components to create a smart phone, smart note (tablet), or notebook are called a module set. These module sets can be arranged inside the smart phone, smart note (tablet) or notebook case in order to provide the basic functions for these smart devices. One module set includes: an Application Processor (AP) module, Main Board module, Memory module, Dual-Sim module, Camera module, Speaker module & battery. 

Modules are divided into two types, fixed and variable circuit modules. With its inter-connecting parallel circuitry, the CPUs of each module are able to interact and cluster for multi-CPU optimized performance.Internally, each smart module contain an embedded PCB that contains the module's software. Each of the six sides of the module also is composed of a switch IC embedded PCBs (one on each module side), which are used to communicate with other modules. Smart modules will automatically identify the type of module that they are adjacent to and reset their circuit layout to interact. 

As more modules are developed, Smart Module can be customized to create far more than three smart devices. Home IoT, health & fitness monitoring, air pollution monitoring and smart construction are only some of the potential applications based on currently available technology. The team at iTesserract are currently developing sensor modules to expand into these fields and will also open development to the Maker community for contributions. 

Smart Module is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo.    
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