AniFit: The World's First Personalized Canine Fitness Monitor

AniFit is a wearable personalized fitness tracker and weight monitor designed for dogs. With a signed MOU with the Korean Animal Hospital Association, AniFit was developed through close collaboration between ICT specialists and prominent veterinarians.

​​The dog care market is experiencing exponential growth as owners grow more and more conscious of the needs of their canine companions. Accompanying this trend is growth in the veterinarian field to care for these dogs health needs. While animal hospitals are imperative for serious medical procedures, they can be prohibitively expensive. Also, many of these medical issues can be avoided if the owner helps their dog to live a healthy lifestyle. Obesity in dogs has been shown to cause muscular and skeletal problems, immune system failure, diabetes, liver failure and premature death amongst others health issues. Despite all these risks, obesity is widespread in dogs, with an estimated 53% being over a healthy weight.

AniFit is a smart device and service which solves this obesity problem. AniFit also aids in keeping dogs at the proper weight while ensuring they are engaging in enough physical activity. Unique to AniFit is its pre-test function, which monitors your dogs daily life routine to custom tailor an eating and exercise regimen moving forward. Instead of relying on generalized information, AniFit runs the pretest data through a unique algorithm to determine proper calorie consumption and loss goals.

Once the pretest is complete, AniFit will personalize a recommended exercise schedule. The dogs actual weight loss can be monitored on a graph and compared to daily/weekly/monthly goals set for ideal weight loss. AniFit also has a Before & After feature to provide photographic evidence of progress. For recommended feeding amount, AniFits guidelines are based on standards set by The Association of America Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). Ten brands that are often prescribed for weight loss are shown and for all other brands AniFit will ask the user to input the nutrition facts. If one of the nutrient contents is beyond the AAFCO prescribed amounts per serving size, AniFit will send an alert telling the owner to consult with a veterinarian before feeding. Thereby, AniFit not only recommends feeding amount but ensures a balanced and healthy diet.

Designed through the collaboration of veterinary science and ICT experts, this smart wearable collar was designed for any dog no matter what breed, size, or weight. With a weight of 18g and size of 51.6 x 27.6 x 18mm AniFits lightweight design is comfortable for any dog to wear. Charged by any micro 5pin cable, AniFit has a battery life of 7-14 days. By connecting through Bluetooth 4.0 technology, AniFit is compatible with all iOS versions 8.0 and Android versions 4.3 and above.

AniFit will first be made available on Kickstarter, with the campaign launch date set for early February. After the conclusion of the crowdfunding campaign, AniFit is scheduled for a first-wave release in the U.S. and Europe. 

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